Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy!

I consider myself a perfectionist, I was in school and now I am in work. Nothing puts me into more of a panic than thinking I made a mistake. Like many other folks new to their career, I feel anxious when I do even the slightest thing wrong at work. I feel like I have disappointed my colleagues, manager, client and even myself. I strive for an sometimes unattainable perfection, in the hopes that people will recognize my skills and talent. This epidemic of perfectionism is causing increased amounts of stress on millennials.

But… making mistakes is totally inevitable! A lot of people even encourage trial and error to make you a better, smarter and more adaptable employee. The old, “we learn from our mistakes!” Although, I still have a difficult time with this concept because of the unrealistic expectations I set on myself (like so many others do), I have come to develop my own way of dealing with making mistakes and that is to admit to myself that I did in fact screw up. Denying the mistake will get you no where and just an FYI people hate that! Admit you did something wrong and if you need help ask for it instead of creating a bigger disaster. Admitting your mistakes shows a particular vulnerability that people can relate to, it increases your human factor.

If you have made a mistake, chances are you are trying something new or challenging, how often do we mess up on easy tasks that we are familiar with? Not as often. The fact that you are trying something new and challenging is fantastic for your growth and development. So keep doing that!

I don’t know if it was society that caused us to be such perfectionists but for some reason the familiar voice of Ms. Frizzle did not stick with us Millennials. So let me take you back 20 years, “take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” Improve your career, your relationships and yourself by pushing the limits even if things get messy at least you will learn a lesson.


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