25… That’s not so scary is it? It just sounds so OLD! In about one week I turn a quarter of a century and I have been dreading it for some time now. How can it be? Already 25 years and what have I accomplished? I’m not married, don’t own a house, and I would still rather spend my pay checks on designer purses instead of invest in stocks. Alternatively, I just reread that sentence and thought to myself, I would never cough up the zillion dollars it costs to have a wedding, I love my tiny condo in my popping neighbourhood and damn that YSL looks fire with my LBD. So what is the measurement of success? Is it money? The number of BFFs you have? Career progression? Somebody please enlighten me! I will be 25 years old in 9 short days and I don’t even know.

Then I realize, gone are the days of visual success (house, car, kids); everyone is moving in a different direction. We have finally started moving off the defined path: school, job, husband, house, baby, repeat. Hallelujah! So now more than ever we can define success in the only way there is left, satisfaction. Now you probably thought I was going to say happiness, but in my opinion happiness is a positive result that can come with satisfaction. For example, I got promoted in May and I was damn happy. But now, I am working in my dream job and I don’t think I am outwardly happy all the time, of course when good things happen I am but it’s not constant. However, I am fully satisfied with my job at this point in my career. I have satisfied my thirst for career and development in my trade…for now.

So now I am considering is there anything in my life that I have not yet satisfied? Actually not really… I feel pretty darn content at this moment in time. So maybe 25 is not so scary after all. Think about your own measurement of success, it might not be a house or a job, but maybe something else, we are lucky enough these days that we don’t have to follow a linear route to happiness and can simply just be satisfied with the life we have.


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  1. I tried to leave a comment from my e-mail but it didn’t go through. Anyway, don’t freak out about turning 25. I did for 5 years. When you turn 30, which feels like forever now, you will probably freak out again. The older you get, the faster time goes by. My point is: You are a young adult and should spend every minute of it enjoying being young instead of worrying about getting old, and I agree with you about ergonomics 🙂

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