Shine Your Light

I don’t think you could have asked for a more beautiful to day to celebrate the Summer Solstice, clear skies, sunny and a refreshing breeze. Today is the longest day in the year and that got me thinking, what I should I do with all of this light? I forced myself to get out of the office at lunch and go for a long walk and then ensured to spend some time outside in the evening. Even now as I’m blogging I’m enjoying my patio.

Now that it’s officially summer and the light is bright and warm, I feel an overwhelming amount of positivity. I feel light in my mood, attitude, communication and outlook. So, how important is positivity when you are looking to enjoy your career and daily routine? I would say, it is extremely important.

When you spread positivity or light with your coworkers people will feel more connected with you and enjoy working with you. Being a dark cloud on a team can be one of the biggest career killers. This could even put your job at risk. When cuts are made Negative Nancy is often the first to go.

Being positive is especially important through change. You want to show excitement about moving forward. Even if you are still taking some time to adjust yourself, you should always portray an enthusiastic attitude.

Finally, never ever come from a place of no. When someone makes a suggestion or asks you to do something, don’t say no right away. If you have some hesitation ask questions and let the person know you will consider what they have requested and get back to them with some possibilities. Just try and see what happens.

Use this Summer Solstice as an opportunity to shed more light in your life and career moving forward, and lead with positivity and joy. Promise yourself to try before you tell yourself you can’t.


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