The Lost Art of Professionalism

What ever happened to being professional? In the way you dress, talk, act and write…please people get on board! This is not a young person thing, just to be clear, I am seeing this everywhere lately. On social media, people are calling out their coworkers on Twitter, posting disrespectful images on Instagram and updating their statuses to bash their place of work. Social media makes it easy to voice your thoughts and opinions but that doesn’t make it right. Even LinkedIn is becoming less and less of a professional outlet and more like just another Facebook. This is a public service announcement: STOP!

Another point I want to bring up in light of the weather getting warmer… dress code. If you look like you are going to the beach or the club you should probably change. I don’t want to see your pedicure or any skin between your knees and shoulders. Be clean but there is no need to bathe in perfume or cologne before you leave your house.

And a final note on professionalism, be respectful. Especially when you are talking to people who are more senior than you. Use proper English when you speak and full sentences with punctuation when you email. 

Ok that’s the end of my rant, now get off your phone and get back to work! 



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