Like Mother Like Daughter

In celebration of Mother’s Day I want to take a moment to talk about my Mom. I am very lucky to have such a cool mom, who I can rely on for anything from advice to a recipe. My Mom is very independent and she always worked, which I think is beyond cool. I have the upmost respect for her to be able to work all day and then deal with me and my older brother every night. Considering, I get home from work, go to yoga, eat dinner and crawl into bed to watch a show or read a book. I couldn’t imagine having to take care of a child, or two.

My Mom also works in Human Resources. Never in my life did I even think for second that I would follow in those career footsteps. But it kind of makes sense that I did. I have taken on a lot of personality traits from my Mom which make her an awesome HR professional.

My Mom is very particular, which makes her very organized and assertive. Things need to be done a certain way and her only to her high standards. This sort of meticulous behaviour is very important when you need to organize your busy day and prioritize tasks. Being particular also shows consistent good work, which managers learn to trust and depend on.

Human resources professionals must build respect and rapport with their clients or employees. Building a trusting relationship can be challenging but one of the best ways to do this is to be honest and not bullshit. You can’t just start telling people what they want to hear, you need to give them advice that they can implement. My Mom has never been afraid to say what she thinks which means you can trust her opinion.

And finally, my Mom absolutely loves her job! I have never met an HR professional that doesn’t love their job and it is one of the things that has attracted me to the career, pure passion.

All of these characteristics make for an awesome HR professional and I believe that I am learning them all from my Mom.

Thx Mom!


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