Finding True Love One Interview at a Time

I always hear people complain that first dates are always like job interviews. But what if in reality job interviews are like first dates?

Chances are you didn’t go out with the first person you reached out to and you will probably have to go on more than one date before you find true love. It takes effort to set the date up and the time and place have to be mutually convenient and agreed upon.

Before the date you are probably really happy and excited just to have secured something but as the day gets closer you get more and more nervous. Stakes are high, could this be your true love?

So the day of your big date comes along and you spend extra time getting ready and primping. You practice how you will act and what you will say. You might even think about some of your greatest accomplishments or interesting stories to tell just in case they ask.

When you arrive you aren’t too sure what to do, but you think a hand shake should do the trick. “It is very nice to meet you, thank you for meeting with me.” You sit down, next comes all of the challenging questions. You carefully choose your words, trying hard not to sound crazy. Now is the time to really shine and show your best self.

However, the questions are not what makes dating like interviewing. The true feature that I believe makes these two activities similar is the fact that both parties are trying to figure out if they see a future with the other. Could this turn into true love?

On a date you might be thinking, “what would my friends think of him?” And in the interview they are wondering, “how will she fit in on our team?” The truth is by the time you get to the date or the interview they likely already know the facts about you, your qualifications. They have already agreed to meet with you based on these facts. You probably wouldn’t go on a date with someone who didn’t have the basic characteristics you are looking for (employment, age, interests, etc.) and it is the same thing with job interviews, they know your education and your experience because they have seen your resume the same way you e seen someone’s Tibder account. 

So what is truly important, is for you to look around and think, “will I enjoy working here? Will I be satisfied and engaged? Do I like these people?” All the while they are thinking, “will they fit our culture? Are they a good team player? Do we like her?”

If things work out on the first date, you might go on a few more. Then you will probably start casually dating and after about three months you will have a definite idea as to whether you want to stick around and so will they. If the relationship is good, you will grow together and improve one another. But the relationship could turn out bad and you might start to avoid each other or complain about one another. There is always a chance that one day you might break up but there is also a chance that this could be the beginning of a great long term relationship. Maybe you have finally found true love.