Because Looks Can Be Deceiving

Call me late to the game but I just recently discovered a photo editing app called Facetune. You can literally edit everything on your face: the tone of your skin, the shape of your jaw and even select the focal point of the photo. I gave it a try using an unedited, unfiltered, no makeup selfie and I could not believe how easy and quick it was. Has everyone been doing this without me? Like most people, I get tons of motivation for makeup and fitness on Instagram and suddenly I felt like it was all a lie. I posted recently a quote on Instagram that I heard listening to the LadyGang podcast, “Don’t compare your hustle to someone else’s highlight reel.” This totally stuck with me because I am absolutely guilty of checking out someone else’s Instagram page and wishing that I too was wearing a bikini lounging on the beach with a dark tan and toned legs. Although social media is totally relevant right now there are many other areas in life where we tend to look at someone else’s success and feel jealousy or lowered self-esteem.

A specific example for me happened when I was completing my undergraduate degree. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I just hopped on board with what everyone else wanted. I went a long time thinking I was going to get my Masters. I forced myself to take classes that didn’t interest me and did everything in my power to prepare for a great application. Clearly, I wasn’t successful. I looked around me and saw everyone who seemed to have their life together and I was panicking internally. After I graduated university I decided to take some time to really figure out what I wanted. And after lulling over some options I chose to move to Toronto all by myself and study Human Resources. Now ask me, if I could pick any career in the world what would it be? Super model! Just kidding, I am totally obsessed with my field and I am so happy that I took the time to really figure out what suited me best. I can honestly say that I have found my passion. I stopped looking around and gauging my success against other people, I started on my own path. This was about two years ago, and since then I feel as though everything has fallen into place. For the first time, I was studying a topic that I was totally passionate about, I found opportunities in my field that were aligned with my interests and values and I even won an award.

If you put all your efforts into your own path instead of worrying about someone else’s you will better situate yourself for success. Remember you never know how much fakeness is put into someone else’s image, and to be honest you shouldn’t worry about it. Do you, and love what you do.


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