Climbing to the Top 

Today I participated in the WWF CN Tower Climb. It is 1776 steps to the top and 144 flights. I did not train at all in fact the only prep I did was “carb load” the night before AKA I ate a big bowl pasta for dinner.

I’m so happy I did the climb but I’m equally happy it is over. I joined my corporate team and it was a fantastic way to get involved. Work is so much more than just a place to go and get a pay check. It’s a place to build relationships with people and try out new things with new people.

I always try to do everything I can to learn more about the people I work with. Now considering I’m in HR I typically know what’s going on in the office but it also tends to cause a major separation between myself and others. HR is known as the police or the people who fire people. That’s why taking it one step further to make an effort is important.

I think participating in office events, socials and charities is a great way to bond on a more personal level as well. There is a certain vulnerability that you feel the moment before you climb up 342m but you look around and realize “we are all in this together.” Then you inevitably make it to the top and there is your team cheering you on and giving high fives.

I met three people today that worked in my office that I did not know and now we have something in common, we all successfully made it to the top. It makes going into work much more positive when you you can run into someone in the lunch room and reminisce about something.

I encourage everyone to get active and involved in the workplace. This will increase your connection to the workplace and make it a lot more fun and exciting to be a part of the team. Overall increasing your wellbeing and hopefully making you more successful!


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