Six Career Lessons I Learned from Kanye West

I’m a huge Kanye West fan and always have been. I have stood by him and supported him through each of his outbursts. But despite some of his more controversial traits he has a lot to say (obviously) and teach us. Now I’m not advising you to go out and be a gold digger but here are the 6 career lessons Yeezy taught me.

  1. If you’re going to do something, do it 100%. Kanye West never ever does anything half assed. Whether it’s his music or concert visuals, this man is unbelievable. If you have ever seen Kanye in concert, he is notorious for stopping midway through his performance to make changes to lighting or sound. He is constantly making sure everything is perfect and to his own high standards.
  1. Document everything. Remember when Kim dropped the recording of Kanye asking Taylor Swift if he could mention her in his song Famous on Snapchat? He was direct and specific and she gladly agreed and accepted the lyrics he sang to her. Later she appeared to be outraged in the media about the song, which was clearly an act. Taylor Swift lost a ton of respect after that but Kanye West appeared to be more credible than ever. Make sure you document everything to protect yourself.
  1. Being late makes people angry, even your biggest fan.  I have seen Kanye in concert twice and he was an hour late both times. Be respectful.  Make sure you are always mindful of someone else’s time. Especially because you are most definitely not Kanye West.
  1. It’s fantastic to follow your own dreams and not listen to what other people decide for you. Maybe college isn’t for you, make sure you decide for yourself. I loved school it was a big part of my life but we are living in a time where university is not the golden ticket it used to be. “Degrees won’t keep you warm.” -Lil Jimmy (skit)
  1. Make a friend (or mentor) that has some major influence. Kanye got his start by making music for Jay-Z. Everyone needs someone to put a good word in for them at a higher level. The term for this in business is a “sponsor” someone who can drop your name behind doors you can’t enter. This will push your career along much faster since you have someone supporting you that has more impact than you might at the beginning of your career.
  1. Be confident, know your strengths and talk proudly about yourself. Kanye is known for his arrogance but he has the skill and fanbase to back it up. Talk can be cheap but actions speak louder than words. So make sure you voice your opinions and show everyone your talent. Just don’t burn bridges and understand timing and delivery is everything.

Bonus: Make sure you take care of yourself and enjoy work-life balance to avoid any major nervous breakdowns.

Now hopefully you feel a little more like Pablo and take these lessons with you into your life and career.


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