Work, Moisturize, Repeat

My skin care routine has become more and more important to me as I’ve started to see the slightest of fine lines around my eyes. This means regular moisturizing, sunscreen, facials and now drinking collagen supplements. My new rituals consist of drinking an elixir smoothie every morning and visiting Blitz Facial Bar monthly. I have created these good habits in fear of premature aging. I am taking the appropriate steps now to ensure good visage later.

This got me thinking about the value of taking preventative measures. So, what else should I be doing now, in my early 20s, to better prepare for the future?

A lot of Millennials are referred to as YOLOs and we can thank Drake for scaring us into the “You Only Live Once” mindset that leads a lot of young people to careless spending and wasting precious time. Whether it’s trips to Asia or partying every weekend, young people today are piling on more and more debt, while getting little to no experience that will prepare them for their futures. The problem is, this investment will have to made eventually but it will be much harder to gain these experiences when you are older because more and more responsibilities will pile on also. Prevention is much easier than reaction.

I watched a Ted Talk recently titled, “Why 30 is Not the New 20” and it was truly reassuring. I am the girl who went to university straight after high school and college right after that. I got my current job from the co-op I completed in college. Needless to say there hasn’t been a whole lot of time (or money) left over for travelling or other soul-searching activities. I go to work every day from Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5pm and as much as that sounds completely terrible, I know that I am building my foundation and taking preventative measures to ensure I have a successful (and wrinkle-free) future.

Most Millennials think that they will be making a large salary soon after graduation. I am here to tell you that is far from the truth. Entry level jobs (in Canada) for the most part pay about $35-40 000 per year before taxes. So get used to that idea. But, wouldn’t you rather be making that at 20 years old instead of 30? Although I am not anywhere near 30 I know for a fact that this is the truth. Why? Because of the career matrix.

A career matrix basically says that career progression is not just up but side to side. This is great for career development and well as increasing that salary.  As an HR professional I often see people leaving a company to work somewhere else to do the same job, but for more money. It is almost unheard of to leave a job for less money unless there is some other pay off. This is proof that you can increase your salary at a much faster rate while gaining much needed job experience. A common HR saying is “you have to move out to move up” especially in the competitive economy we are currently living in.  What a better time to be moving around, developing your skills and increasing your salary than in your 20s? But in order to make these moves you need to work hard and show ambition, this is what makes you a more attractive candidate, externally or within your organization.

Job experience is a very important preventative measure that you must take early on to better prepare yourself for future roles. A university degree alone will no longer earn you the big bucks. And that is why I moisturize twice daily and will continue to work hard through my early 20s.



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