Why Thank Me?

I was born in 1992, which makes me by definition a Millennial. According to Time this means I am lazy, entitled and still live with my parents (maybe that should be my tag line?), truthfully one out of three of those points is true and that is that I have a strong sense of entitlement. And rightfully so. The Millennial generation has had more access to information than any other, and not only is information accessible but it is immediate. In a time where you can Google almost anything and get to the answer in a matter of seconds the expectation is that things happen quickly. As a Millennial I have a sense of urgency in all aspects of my life.  I want my degree now, I want a job now, I want a raise now. And the problem is that if I can’t get all of these things now, I will go somewhere else. Ta-da…I am entitled.

Despite all of this, I think being a Millennial in a world that is still full of Gen X, Gen Y and even Boomers is an advantage. And I plan on using the Millennial stereotype to get where I want to go. I am starting this blog to share my knowledge and experiences; hopefully this will act as a guide for you to help you achieve your goals in work and in your personal life.

A very quick note on me. I persevered through four excruciating years to get my Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Psychology.  I still couldn’t tell you why I thought this would be a good idea, except that I was promised by my parents that if I went to university I would get a good job. After graduating I worked front desk at a gym and realized my degree was less than useless so I decided to… you probably guessed it…go back to school. I moved to a bigger city and took Post Graduate studies in Human Resources. With that I got a job. This is probably my biggest accomplishment to date (which unfortunately many Millennials can not say). And now I am just a very little fish in a great big corporation using what I know to move up and start swimming with the big fish… as fast as possible of course.



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